Chilled Water Cooler Fountains

Drinking Fountain Solutions supply a range of stainless steel chilled water drinking fountains, these water coolers supply a reliable source of drinking water at a cool 10 degree celsius temperature. Water coolers offer a low-cost solution for providing cold refreshing drinking water. Supplied as standard with a self closing push button operated bubbler valve tap, the wall mounted water coolers can also be supplied with a bottle filler spout as well, this enables users to drink water or refill reusable water bottles.

The recessed water cooler fountain offers a space saving installation, and due to the concealed design is less prone to tampering. Also available as a bottle filling unit the wall recessed model cooler is popular in airports, office blocks and schools.

Chilled water coolers are an ideal solution for schools, gyms, offices and public spaces to  provide safe drinking water, and with the optional swan neck spout fitted can also refill water bottles in a quick and safe way. Utilising fresh tap water will help to improve hydration and drastically reduce the waste and pollution caused by disposable water bottles.

Make your selection from our range of water cooler fountains below:

Wall Mounted Water Cooler, DDA Wheelchair User Compliant image

Wall Mounted Water Cooler, DDA Wheelchair User Compliant

Stainless steel wall mounted water cooler.

£395.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code WCDSS

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Wall Mounted Water Cooler with Bottle Filler image

Wall Mounted Water Cooler with Bottle Filler

Wall mounted mains water cooler with bottle filler

£950.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code WCDSS-BF11-UK

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Recessed Water Cooler image

Recessed Water Cooler

Stainless steel recessed chilled water cooler.

£1180.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code WCR

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Recessed Water Cooler with Bottle Filling Spout image

Recessed Water Cooler with Bottle Filling Spout

Stainless steel recessed chilled water cooler with bottle filling spout

£1255.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code WCR-BF

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The chilled water coolers require a 240v mains power supply connection, mains cold water supply, and a waste water connection. The wall mounted coolers have many benefits and are also fully ADA compliant for users in wheelchairs:

Providing clear knee space of at least 685mm high.
Unit must be 430mm to 482mm deep.
Bubbler spout located to the front.
Push button located on the front.
More accessible than floor standing models.
Easily mounted at any height to suit the age of users.

What is a water cooler

A water cooler is designed to dispense water that has been cooled. The unit will include a tap to dispense a stream of water that the user can drink from, a basin / bowl to catch and dispose of the excess water, and a chiller unit to cool the water. The water dispensed can be supplied from the mains supply, or provided from a replaceable bottle. Water coolers can be wall mounted, floor standing, or recessed into the wall. The type we supply are all fed from the mains water supply.

How do water coolers work

The water supplied into the water cooler is held in a reservoir, where it is cooled using a refrigerant.
The refrigerant system works in the same way as a domestic fridge. The refrigerant gas is compressed increasing the temperature of the gas, it is then fed through a condenser where the gas cools down until it becomes a liquid. Once the gas is cold it is pushed through an expansion valve which reduces the pressure and gets colder. It is at this stage that the cold gas absorbs the heat from the water reservoir and chills the water. The absorption of heat increases the temperature of the gas and starts the process again.