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Drinking Fountain Maintenance

Maintenance of Drinking Fountains

Stainless steel drinking fountains require regular minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of the bubbler will also ensure it is operating properly. It may be a simple tap but regular use may increase wear so checks should be made to make sure the tap isn’t sticking and wasting water.

Local water boards provide information and guidelines on installing and maintaining drinking fountains in public areas.

Adjusting Bubbler Valve Taps

The bubblers and bottle filling valves can be adjusted to increase or decrease the flow rate and projection of the water stream.

The following operation can be performed without disconnecting or isolating the water supply.

With a suitable sized allen key adjust the water flow by turning the allen screw below the outlet. Anti-clockwise will increase the flow and clockwise will reduce the flow of water. This can be undertaken whilst holding the button down so that the desired flow rate can be achieved.

Leaking Bubbler Valve

The bubbler valves are very robust but can sometimes leak if they have been subject to freezing weather. The water inside the cartridge can freeze causing the cartridge to crack. To prevent damage the water supply should be isolated and the water drained from the pipework and valve.

If leaking does occur the water should be isolated and the whole button and cartridge assembly can be unscrewed from the body and replaced with a new unit.

Care should be taken when working with water appliances and if in doubt it is best left to a competant professional.

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1st January 2017

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