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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Stainless Steel Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking Fountain Solutions recommends that all drinking fountains and bottle fillers are regularly cleaned to maintain a safe source of drinking water.

Cleaning Drinking Fountains After Installation

Once the fountain has been installed and commissioned it should be thoroughly cleaned with a warm soapy water solution. This will remove any residue left from the materials protective coating and any debris / dirt from the installation process. After cleaning the products should be rinsed with clean water and dried with a soft cloth.

What should I clean with?

At Drinking Fountain Solutions we have found the best cleaning solution to be warm water with a mild dish washing liquid. Fairy liquid works well – but other makes are available! The mild soapy solution will remove most if not all dirt and airborne contaminants, will not harm the stainless steel and will not be poisonous to the fountains user.

How often should I clean?

It is recommended that point of use water dispensers are run regularly to flush through the water at the beginning of each week, this is important for times when the dispenser hasn’t been used for a while. 
The taps should be wiped down weekly with a food standard antibacterial surface cleaner.
Sanitisation should be carried out on all water feed pipe work once every 6 months – we suggest you talk to your water supply company for their recommendations. 
Cleaning of water fountains and dispensers should be an integral part of your general cleaning regime, and a designated person should be in control of the regime to make sure it is carried out properly.

Should I use a stainless steel cleaner?

Specific stainless steel cleaners are not needed, and should if possible be avoided. Most specific stainless steel cleaners will contain chemicals which shouldn’t be mixed with drinking water, and if not used properly can damage the surface of the stainless steel.

Should I use bleach

Cleaning products containing bleach will contain sodium hypochlorite and should not be used on, or left on stainless steel products. If they are inadvertently used they should immediately be washed off with clean water before surface damage can occur. 

Posted by Iconography Ltd
15th December 2016

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