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Guidance For Choosing Drinking Water Fountains

Guidance on Drinking Fountains, Bottle Fillers and Water Coolers

When installing drinking water fountains and bottle fillers it is important to consider the following:


Will they be easily to locate, and will they be readily accessible for all users?

Will they be easy for the target user to operate and drink from, or fill a bottle?

Will the fountains be installed at the correct height, or will the floor standing fountains be the correct height?

Will the fountain be installed securely?

Is the water jet set high enough?

Is the water pressure stable to prevent fluctuations in the water jet?

Can users drink without having to touch the metal spout with their lips?

Will there be sufficient fountains for the number of users?

Decide On Your Water Dispenser Style

When you have assessed your water dispenser requirements, you will need to decide on the style and model of drinking water dispenser that you require. Choices and points to consider include:

  • Wall mounted drinking water dispensers offer the benefit of a flexible mounting height, easier installation, a cost effective purchase price and a smaller installation footprint. The water supply and waste pipework will be exposed which can be open to tampering in the wrong location, but the use of a chrome plated bottle trap can enhance the exposed appearance.

  • Shrouded wall mounted drinking water dispensers offer the installation flexibility above, but with the enhanced vandal resistance of an undershroud to conceal the water supply and waste pipework.

  • Floor standing dispensers offer a tamper proof installation with maximum vandal resistance. Floor and wall fixings make the fountains very strong while the water supply and waste pipework is fully concealed to prevent tampering. Available in both junior and adult height models to suit different age groups.

Location, Location, Location 

Once your decision has been made on the type of water fountain to be installed it is very important to locate them in the most appropriate and accessible area. A full risk assessment should be undertaken to consider:

The location should NOT be in or close proximity to a toilet area.

Will the fountains be safe from contamination?

Is the unit safe from vandalism?

The location must be readily accessible to all staff, users, or pupils.

Water dispensers should to be securely installed to prevent injury.

Locations should comply with health, safety and fire escape requirements.

Locations should not restrict access or encroach on an escape route.

Does the location have a suitable water and drainage supply?

Will the drinking fountain be exposed to extremes of temperature?

Managing Your Water Fountain / Dispenser

After installation of the drinking water fountain, the day to day management and maintenance should be delegated to a specific person or department. Once installed this is often neglected causing problems that would have been easily prevented.

Regular cleaning and sanitisation should be undertaken, and a simple check to make sure the tap is functioning correctly. In times of hot weather the tap will be operated frequently, but in colder periods the tap may not be operated for a while, a simple check of the operation will prevent the tap potentially seizing up.

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6th April 2017

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